The loomSDK Developers team

Required Update to Address Latest Chrome Release

AUTHOR: The loomSDK Developers team

HI loomSDK partners,

Yesterday, Google shipped a security patch in their latest Chrome release which adds a new feature policy gating access to `display-capture`. This release breaks loomSDK recordings for users on the latest version of Chrome. (Google details [Feature Policy: display-capture - Chrome Platform Status](

We have patched our server-side functionality for verifying that the user initiating a loom recording is in a supported environment to return false, so any users on latest Chrome should not be able to load the loomSDK. We have also released an updated loom-sdk package which addresses the Chrome update. This version is 2.14.2.

In order to unblock your users on latest Chrome from recording with the loomSDK, please update to the 2.14.2 release. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you!

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