The loomSDK Developers team

SDK Custom Now in Open Beta!

AUTHOR: The loomSDK Developers team

We are thrilled to announce that the SDK Custom is in Open Beta. Our goal is to enable you to build native async video capabilities into your products. To that end,

  • All the videos recorded by end users will be saved to your application workspace and will be managed by the developer. This means end users will never see a Loom sign-up prompt, and there is no Loom log-in experience with the SDK Custom. It also removes limitations on number of recordings and length of recordings. Learn more.

  • The new pricing for SDK Custom is competitive and developer-friendly. We are committed to this pricing, but we will not be billing our customers in Q2.

  • Ability to remove Loom branding and build custom recording UI are coming soon.

  • API to manage the videos in your workspace is coming soon.

You can start building with the SDK Custom now!

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